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Setting Up And Getting Together For Instagram’s 9th Worldwide Instameet

Tue, 05/13/2014 - 11:44

One of the things that makes Instagram such a great community is the fact that it brings creative people together from all over the world. Each year since this form of social media started, Instameets have grown tremendously, with cities from every corner of the world hosting their own. It’s a gathering of people, connecting, exploring and celebrating creativity. May 17th marks the 9th worldwide meet,  it’s time to find one in your town and go meet new people!

Join a Meet-up

If you want to find a meet up nearby go to to find one in your town. Make sure you click “Count Me In” and invite your friends.

Host Your Own

You didn’t find a meet up in your area? Then start one! Gather some of your friends, tell them to invite theirs, go to a cool location and make a photo party out of it by sharing it on Instagram.

Spread The Word

Get everyone excited for the Instameet and share the word on your social media, like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, your own blog.


Here are some Instameet Inspirations:

Keep it Simple

Pick a location that is easy for folks to access, remember everyone is there to meet each other, not to get lost along the way.


Let all your Instagram friends know about the meet up, post a picture announcing it and contact them through Instagram Direct to get more people to participate.

Pick a Hashtag

Every Instameet needs its own hashtag, think of a unique one. Spread the word about it and make people excited. That unique hashtag is what will link others and help them discover photographs taken during that day.

Be Inspired

If you need a little boost as to what to do, check out past Instameets on Instagram or the Instagram Blog, look through the pictures to see what they’ve done, perhaps even set a theme to your own.

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