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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Debuts Season 2 With Hit-Filled Soundtrack

Fri, 06/06/2014 - 15:42

by Michelle Bird

The original Netflix hit series, Orange Is The New Black debuted its long-awaited second season last night. Don’t worry I won’t be giving away any spoilers on here, because as we all know, we can’t wait to get home this weekend, close that front door and ignore the world for two days as we watch back to back episodes. Well, now you can take a bit of the series with you while not glued to the screen with the Orange Is The New Black Soundtrack.

The 12-track compilation features some good tunes from Tune-Yards, Betty Davis, Kelis, and the Velvet Underground, just to name a few. Also included, is the show’s Grammy-nominated theme song “You’ve Got Time,” by Regina Spektor.

I wasn’t streaming Orange Is The New Black at midnight, but instead attended a Q&A that night with director, Jodie Foster and two of the main characters, Taylor Schilling (who plays Piper Chapman) and Kate Mulgrew (better known as Red onscreen).

Not only did the ladies tackle the perception and empowerment of women on television, but shared fun facts, like how Schilling and Mulgrew had previously worked together on another show. Mulgrew set the tone on what it’s like to work on a cast with such few men, noting that its liberating in the sense that they’re not restrained to act a certain way, or more so be aware of their persona, they can deliver their craft in a carefree manner, focusing on what’s more important without reservations. Schilling added to that by saying that in her career it is often so rare to come across the opportunity to play a character who is not the shadow of a man, but instead her own force, which was the main reason she couldn’t pass up the part and was so eager to be a part of the project.

There were quite some humorous moments, like when Schilling shared that they barely wear any makeup on the show if any, keeping to the realism of the fact that they’re in prison. She followed by doing an impression of their adored make-up artist: “that blemish right there, it looks beautiful on your face, let’s leave it!”

I think the soundtrack definitely embodies the broad genres Orange Is The New Black dabbles into, with pieces of drama, comedy and suspense intertwined, while it also brings into light topics that our society might find taboo.

Schilling laid the bricks right, when she said that ultimately Orange Is The New Black is a show about finding yourself, discovering new things about yourself, mending the past, and the people that become those puzzle pieces for you to do so.

With a variety of new and old songs, some dating back to 1926, like “Baby Face” by Whispering Jack Smith, the soundtrack connects the dots between how your past has to do with your present circumstances, and yet can’t remain ignored. Which is one of the important aspects they present in each episode of the series, when they show tidbits of the characters’ past, how their lives use to be and what landed them in the slammer.

So if you want to twerk to “Milkshake” or hit a B-flat to Spektor’s “yooouuuuu’ve gooot tiiiiiiiime!” you can grab your copy in digital, CD, or limited-edition orange vinyl.


P.S.- Orange Is The New Black has been renewed for a third season, to be released June 2015.

Orange Is The New Black track list:

1. You’ve Got Time — Regina Spektor
2. Walkin Up The Road — Betty Davis
3. Move And Groove Together — Latimore
4. Gangsta — Tune-Yards
5. I’ll Take You There — The Staple Singers
6. Milkshake — Kelis
7. Walking Backwards — Leagues
8. Kickface — Little Foot Long Foot
9. Sunday Morning — Velvet Underground
10. Living This Life Makes It Hard — The Dutchess and The Duke
11. Chicken — Nancy Cassidy
12. Baby Face — Whispering Jack Smith


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Fri, 06/06/2014 - 11:59

Wisconsin’s indie folk band PHOX will certainly be one you want to keep your eye on, they may be newcomers, but are climbing their way up pretty quickly. The six-piece band who released their EP Confetti in early 2013, have already played in major festivals: South By Southwest, Lollapalooza and Apple’s iTunes Festival in London; not to mention they’ve opened up for Blitzen Trapper and the Lumineers.

PHOX debut full-length album– set for release June 24th via Partisan– was recorded in Justin Vernon’s home studio in Eau Claire, WI. Their tunes are exquisitely textured with multi-instrumentation featuring: banjos, guitars, mandolins, flute, clarinet, nice harmonies, and smooth vocals by frontwoman, Monica Martin.

PHOX just released another cut from their upcoming LP, the track titled “1936,” which you can listen to below:

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LISTEN: Avi Buffalo Release New Track “So What”

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 14:13

So many bands and artists coming back to the music scene, one of them that we’re glad to see is Avi Buffalo. The Long Beach, CA based indie band have announced their sophomore album, At Best Cuckold, and along with that shared a brand new track “So What.” The album is produced by frontman, Avi Zahner-Isenberg– who although a bit more polished in sound– still brings back everything you loved about the band’s first takes. At Best Cuckold is set for release September 9th via Subpop. Take a listen to “So What” below!

At Best Cuckold‘s tracklist:

1. ‘So What’
2. ‘Memories of You’
3. ‘Can’t Be Too Responsible’
4. ‘Two Cherished Understandings’
5. ‘Overwhelmed with Pride’
6. ‘Found Blind’
7. ‘She Is Seventeen’
8. ‘Think It’s Gonna Happen Again’
9. ‘Oxygen Tank’
10. ‘Won’t Be Around No More’

[REWIND: Music You Should Know, Avindale]

In support of the new album, At Best Cuckold, Avi Buffalo is also heading to Europe on a mini-tour, you can check those dates below:

Sep. 23 – Gothenburg, SE – Pustervik
Sep. 24 – Stockholm, SE – Kagelbanan
Sep. 25 – Oslo, NO – John Dee
Sep. 26 – Lund, SE – Mejeret
Sep. 28 – Copenhagen, DK – Vega / Ideal Bar
Sep. 29 – Hamburg, DE – Prinzenbar
Oct. 01 – Paris, FR – Le Divan du Monde
Oct. 03 – Manchester, UK – Deaf Institute
Oct. 05 – Dublin, IE – Whelan’s
Oct. 06 – Glasgow, UK – Broadcast
Oct. 08 – Bristol, UK – Thekla
Oct. 10 – London, UK – Islington Assembly Hall
Oct. 14 – Amsterdam, NL – Tolshuistuin
Oct. 15 – Brussels, BE – Botanique / Witloof Bar
Oct. 16 – Koln, DE – Luxor
Oct. 17 – Berlin, DE – Privatclub



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WATCH: Jack White’s Video For “Lazaretto”

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 11:35

Jack White has just released the video for the title track “Lazaretto” off the new album, bearing the same name. The video was directed by Jonas & Francois, featuring a black and white contrasted theme, with tons of odd balls thrown in the mix, like snakes, cars, broken glass galore, and a dude with a Jack White tattoo on his chest. Check out the video below!

[REWIND: Jack White's "Ultra" Version of Lazaretto Will Blow Your Mind]

Anybody else have a Jack White tattoo, perhaps you can be in the next video?


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LISTEN: Caribou “Can’t Do Without You”

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 08:50

Canadian musician/producer, Dan Snaith worked the progressive dance charts back in 2010 with the track, “Swim,” Snaith is back in action this year as Caribou, with a new album Our Love. The first single, “Can’t Do Without You” reminds you of what he left off with his 2010 track, following experimental sounds and soul influenced samples building up the production throughout the track. Take a listen to “Can’t Do Without You” below!


Our Love Tracklist:

01 “Can’t Do Without You”
02 “Silver”
03 “All I Ever Need”
04 “Our Love”
05 “Dive”
06 “Second Chance”
07 “Julia Brightly”
08 “Mars”
09 “Back Home”
10 “Your Love Will Set You Free”


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LISTEN: Jenny Lewis Releases New Track “Just One Of The Guys”

Wed, 06/04/2014 - 08:00

Jenny Lewis is gearing up this summer to release a new record, The Voyager, after six years of a solo dry spell. She’s just unveiled the first single off the album, which is produced by none other than Beck, the track is called “Just One Of The Guys”– and we must say it’s a pretty nice tune with a great summer vibe, and a folky twist.

The Voyager is set for release on July 29th. Take a listen to “Just One Of The Guys” below via NPR.

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Highlights of 2014 Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival in Long Beach

Mon, 06/02/2014 - 03:00

by Michelle Bird

The weather couldn’t of been any more perfect, as Long Beach gave a sunny welcome to the bi-annual Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival. This is the sixth year Patchwork has made an appearance in the city, and every year it seems to get bigger and better. The outdoor craft fair made the Marine Stadium Park its temporary home, with over 200 vendors bringing their handmade goods, which included: clothing, food, artwork, accessories, plants, home décor, jewelry, etc.

Patchwork is the equivalent of what a real-life Etsy would look like if it were springing across your community instead of online; of course with a few added perks, like music, enjoying a food truck meal out by the water, a bicycle valet area, and the fact that you can bring your furry best bud to bask in the sun with you.

Zipping through 200 vendors and jam-packed rows can be quite a tedious task, so you know how we do it here at Black Vinyl, handpicking nothing but the best for you. Below are some vendors that we admired not only for their creativity, but also for their genuine output and quality of product.

Making our way into the festival, my eyes were instantly drawn to the Reclamation Dept. Sisters Heather and Casey get mad props for their creative booth design; while most vendors had traditional E-Z ups, Reclamation Dept made a vintage bicycle the center of attention– it served as the base and transport system for their goods. The ladies focus on “renewing gear from yesteryear” (as their slogan states) primarily making messenger bags and bicycle accessories from vintage military items.

One of the most valuable traits their pieces have is that they still carry the story from the original owner– blemishes and wear that add to their vintage character, and if the name of the soldier is present, you best believe Heather and Casey leave that birthmark on the bag as well. They love knowing that each item is given a new life, instead of laying forgotten in a warehouse.

The most inspiring story came from Kelden, at Est Wst Collective, who spoke passionately about the hand-making process of their bags, which are vegan-friendly by the way. Est Wst Collective’s goods aren’t made by Kelden, they are hand-made from folks in remote villages across the ocean that are still looking to practice their craft but don’t have a market locally to do so due to the decline in their area.

From the edge of the Kathmandu Valley to the mid-hill regions of Nepal, these crafters carry materials from mountains, hills, and fields, hand-weaving each one. Kelden shared that having a Buddhist upbringing had a lot to do with the development of the brand, whereas ethical production and eco-friendly materials play a major role. Not only that, but Est Wst Collective supports a global cause, a percentage of each purchase goes towards “supporting fair wage job opportunities, skill development, and free housing to weavers and their families.”

The moon was shinning bright in Miriam Dema’s booth, hence why she was wearing the ever-trending heart-shaped sunglasses. Ok, maybe it wasn’t the moon exactly, but that full moon print sure lit-up my eyes. Dema produces vintage inspired silkscreen prints with environmentally friendly pigment, in her studio located in the Los Angeles mountains. Her original designs garner a love for California and the open road.

Artist Kelly Frisby designs adorable illustrations that reminded me of the 1970s. Greeting cards and prints that feature her take on characters from various popular films, like Where The Wild Things Are and Wizard of OZ, along some original pieces. She’s been known to draw characters from her favorite John Hughes movies, one of them being the Breakfast Club.

If you wanted to keep that good-hair-day going through the entire event, you needed to stop by the Gypsy Pea Magoo booth and grab an UpCreek Paddle brush, or a beard brush for the gents to tame that facial hair. The quirky wood brushes are hand painted by Chelsea DeVere & Laura DeRuiter, who also happen to be hairdressers.

As far as apparel goes, Tiny Whales had the raddest tees for kids. The husband and wife team design t-shirts with original slogans that remind your little one he has a “heart of gold” and is a “wildflower soul,” all so they can be the hippest kids on the block.

For the crafty makers looking for industrial and Americana supplies Randy Jones over at Tikiranch had you covered with an array of vintage American flags, old keys, old watch parts, and the occasional creepy doll head.

Matt Spangler, made sure you knew robots were entitled to have burritos as pets, and that Back to the Future, could’ve easily been set in the future.

Blossom Vintage and The Library Store gave shopping a whole new light, by curating their goods inside a vintage Airstream trailer and an old truck, where shopping becomes less about the product, and more about the experience.

Front Porch Pops kept you cool with their array of amazingly delicious homemade popsicles. Flavors like Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Cookies and Cream, Mango Chili fought over who’s gonna get NOM-ed by your mouth. My taste buds were thankful for the Cuckoo for Coconuts!

Of course succulents were the favorite green accent piece throughout the festival, and if you didn’t take the trolly down to the marina, you could’ve easily roller skated there too.

Patchwork Shows have proven to be the place where creative makers, thinkers and admirers gather. It feels like downtown main street USA coming back to life, awakening a simpler time when American people bought local, supported each others businesses, and valued the core of the community.


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